100 Tie OffEmployee and subcontractor safety and well-being is a major concern for the management of Hayden Tower Service No project is so important that it cannot be performed in a safe and efficient manner. Our company’s goal is to keep injuries to an absolute minimum; keeping in mind that we as a team are trying to eliminate accidents all together.

How do the employees of Hayden Tower Service intend to reach their safety goal?

Hayden Tower Service employs a full time Safety Coordinator who, through research and audits, reviews and revises all of the company’s safety policies in order to protect the company’s employees and maintain compliance with government agencies. He also conducts scheduled and unscheduled site audits to ensure compliance in the field. In addition, he investigates all accidents and modifies policies and procedures to prevent reoccurrence.

With the intention of giving every employee an opportunity to become an expert in the tower industry, Hayden Tower Service facilitates in-house and outsourced training in all aspects of tower construction. We provide in-house OSHA 10 and 30-hour courses, as well as first aid and CPR.

Employee safety Training is conducted:

  • At time of hire
  • When regulations are updated
  • When performing non-routine tasks
  • After an accident or a near miss
  • On a regular basis

Hayden Tower Service technician climbing towerTo instill site safety in the minds of our newer employees, Hayden Tower Service has implemented a tower climbing school. At this school the newly hired employee gains experience in climbing safety, inspecting the tower, gin pole and stacking procedures, riding the line and plumbing and tensioning. Authorized Climber, Competent Climber, and Competent Rescuer courses are also taught.

Other aspects of the Safety Program include OSHA qualified "competent personnel" on site at all times. We also enforce our policies through disciplinary actions.

Through the use of our training, disciplinary tools and open door management, employees become familiar with the applicable standards and safe working procedures. Because safety begins with the individual all employees are expected to actively contribute as Hayden Tower Service strives to accomplish their safety goals.

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