Hayden Tower Services site development and constructionOur site development and civil construction crews are highly experienced in a variety of construction methods. From large mat type foundations to drilled piers, standard guyed tower anchors and shelter foundations, there's no job too difficult for us. We also perform access road and compound construction, site grounding, electrical and telephone installation and fencing.

Hayden Tower Service is a communications construction company that provides turn-key wireless site installations. Whether new site, colocations and rooftop sites, we take pride in the fact that we self-perform the majority of all aspects of the construction process.

Our services include:

  • project management
  • site acquisition
  • due diligence
  • surveying
  • geotechnical investigation
  • regulatory compliance
  • tower foundations of all kinds and types
  • shelter and/or equipment foundation installations
  • installation of utilities, grounding, site finishes, fencing, etc.

Hayden Tower Service crew installs tower foundation. Hayden Tower crew installs tower foundation. There is a lot of preliminary work involved to get a site ready for construction. HTSI either performs the services or manages the process with a network of companies whom we partner with to get the site to the break ground phase. For site acquisition, our due diligence includes NEPA, SHPO and TCNS. We partner with multiple professional surveyors in multiple regions as well as geotechnical investigation firms. For FAA and FCC compliance we have you covered.

New site/rawland site/greenfield site – however you refer to it we have you covered. We love to roll out the “yellow iron” and kickoff construction. Site entrance, farm gate, road construction and site grading. Colocation – we have equipment of all shape and sizes to get your site under construction. HTSI can coordinate service with the utility companies and install the service(s) as required by the provider(s). HTSI will install and test your grounding system whether it’s the typical driven ground rod exothermically connected to ground wire or chemical ground rod (either vertical or L-shaped), ground plates or deep-earth ground.

In our nearly four decades in the industry we have experience with a multitude of tower foundations designs. Be it a guyed tower, monopole or self-supporting tower we self-perform the majority of the foundation installs or partner with trusted companies for drilled pier foundations. Whether you utilize an equipment shelter or outdoor equipment cabinets we can install the foundation and set your preferred enclosure. We can fabricate, galvanize, deliver to the site and assemble equipment platforms. Flood plain – we’ll construct an elevated platform.

Site finishes would include the standard surfacing finish of crushed stone over geotextile fabric or asphalt or concrete. We build site fencing of all types whether it’s the typical chain link fence, wood or vinyl privacy fence all the way to a masonry wall. If landscaping is required, we again reach out to our network of trusted subcontractors to complete the job. You provide us the lock and we’ll hang it on the gate as we’re leaving your new site.

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