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Site Development & Construction

Hayden Tower Services site development and constructionOur site development and civil construction crews are highly experienced in a variety of construction methods. From large mat type foundations to drilled piers, standard guyed tower anchors and shelter foundations, there's no job too difficult for us. We also perform access road and compound construction, site grounding, electrical and telephone installation and fencing.

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Tower Erection

Hayden Tower Services tower erectionOur tower erection crews are highly experienced and trained in the latest safety and quality control standards. We know what our customers demand and we give it to them. Hayden Tower Service, Inc., is known in the industry as THE standard by which high-quality tower erection and construction is measured.

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Communication Equipment

Hayden Tower Services communication equipment installationIn the telecommunications industry, quality installations mean better coverage. Our customers demand the best and we give it to them. Hayden Tower's crews are constantly undergoing the latest industry training and learning about the latest technologies. In addition, our antenna and line crews are certified by all major transmission line manufacturers. We staff full-time testers and keep them on-site to ensure a high-quality final product for our customers.

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Hayden Tower Services maintenanceWe prefer the term “preventative maintenance” which allows us to catch and solve a problem before it is too late. You will have confidence in knowing your sites and equipment are safely designed, built and maintained to today’s latest standards by having Hayden Tower Service perform a routine tower site inspection. Our professional process and deliverables enable us to openly and effectively communicate with you on satisfactory items or recommended repairs, then, we take care of those repairs for you.

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